Nov 04 2013

AntlerX Spray Review

AntlerX Review

Are you looking for a way to gain muscle faster? Have you tried other supplements and spent hours at the gym and gained nothing? Well, if so, science has finally found something that’s going to give you the muscles you want without the hard labor. Deer Antler Velvet has become a top product and has been making headlines recently!
This is a distinctive and soft substance that is found on antlers of male deer especially ones found in New Zealand. This antler velvet is how these deer grow the gigantic antlers that are hard as rock each and every year. This antler velvet causes rapid cell division and antlers are able to grow extremely big and strong in a short amount of time.

What is Deer Antler Velvet?
This is the soft part of the capillaries that are found on the deer’s antlers while they grow. It helps bring about a large amount of nutrients to the antlers fast allowing them to grow fast allowing them to be full-sized for the fall. Once full grown, the velvet on the antlers dries out and the coating is rubbed off. This velvet is used for a number of supplements and is harvested prior to using as human methods that don’t harm the deer. Their antlers continue to grow back each and every year. The velvet harvested is frozen, dried, and then processed so that it’s ready to be used as a beneficial supplement to give you a great looking body you’ve tried so long to achieve.

Who Benefits From AntlerX Deer Antler Velvet Spray?
Pretty much everyone can benefit from this supplemental spray. Athletes can gain benefits such as increased muscle mass and a reduced recovery time during training sessions. There are also regenerative effects on the joints which can result from stress and strain being added to them over time.

In addition, people who are aging can benefit from this product. If you want to build muscle tone and tone up other parts of your body, AntlerX may be the product for you. It also helps spur lean muscle and can help increase the appearance of your body overall.

How AntlerX Works
AntlerX is safe and it’s an effective supplement that you take orally. It’s been known for increasing levels of IGF-1 found in the body. For a number of centuries, the Chinese have utilized the power of this supplement to help improve overall vitality and function. However, little did they know this antler velvet had high levels of IGF-1 and additional important nutrients.

There have been recent studies that have shown this supplement is a rich source of IGF-1. Taking AntlerX increases these levels in your body, and this will result in improved muscle repair and joint health while also improving your overall health. Athletes love the benefits since it results in quicker recovery from working out and intensive training sessions. You’ll experience less joint pain and also benefit from an improved immune system. AntlerX promotes:

• Improved strength output
• Increases lean muscle
• Higher endurance threshold
• Improves endurance
• Improves muscle recovery
• Improves strength and athletic performance
• No side effects
• 100mg of antler velvet per dose
• 90 day guarantee
• Increases muscle mass
• Increases energy and vitality
• Enhances sexual drive
• Improves tissue regeneration

More Than Just an IGF-1 Booster
While the main advantages help increase the IGF-1 levels, there is a second benefit which is to improve your joint health. There are significant amounts of glucosamine in it as well as collagen and chondroitin. These are going to help with reducing joint pain by producing lubricant and improving the integrity of cartilage to keep your joints healthy.

How long Does it Take for AntlerX to Work?
Each person responds differently to the product, but there have been a number of reports that have shown you can expect to see muscle growth in as little as 3 weeks. For some it may not take that long to begin seeing results, while others may need to wait a little longer.

If you’re looking to build muscle mass and gain a new appearance, AntlerX is going to be the right product for your needs.

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